Hope Montessori Nursery School

New Parent Application

Dear parent or carer

For further information on Hope Montessori Nursery School please take a moment to review the below.

We ask parents to register with their name, address and contact details and we will send (via email) our Introduction Pack.

Our application procedure is to ask interested parents to first return the Viewing Request form. We will then invite you to attend a Preliminary Viewing which enables you to see our setting and ask any preliminary questions.

Parents are then invited to a Class Observation at which point parents can meet with Ms Kaya (or the setting Manager).

We ask for your patience and understanding as we are only able to arrange viewings by appointment. Our first priority is to parents who are registered with us to ensure they receive the best care we can provide.

We may also advise that we are working off a Waiting List system if places are not available in your desired class.

We also operate an Information Line for you to follow up with any questions or for an update on status of an application. Alternatively emails can be submitted as indicated.

Following the Class Observation we will be able to confirm a place (or advise that we can only offer a Waiting List place for the moment).

Thank you for your interest in our Schools.

To request our Introduction Pack please click here.